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Modibodi Teen One Piece Swimwear


Meet the Swimwear Racerback One Piece! Perfect for competitive swimming or recreational dipping alike, these bathers will get you through any swim season, providing protection against sneaky period leaks.

Available in Black they are perfect for school training to match most uniforms.

Molded cups on the chest, combined with racerback detail ensures you'll only have to worry about your breaststroke.

Modibodi RED Swimwear is designed specifically for younger bodies and is available in youth sizing, check the size chart to get the best fit.

Fabrication: Outer – Polyamide Lycra
Liner – Polyester
Trim – Polyester & Nylon

Flow: 10ml = 2 tampons or 2 teaspoons

For: Using while in and out of the water to hold light periods and spotting or as extra protection on heavy days so you can still go for a dip!

Feels: Like a regular swimming costume, except you're also comfy and dry on light period days, leaving you confident to enjoy Summer again!

Modibodi Teen One Piece Swimwear