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Period & leak proof underwear

So how do they actually work?

They wear like regular underwear, but they are also absorbent in the gusset. They can be worn all month round, not just on your period.


Perfect for when you have your period either by them self or with a tampon or cup as backup especially when you are out and about. They are also great for overnight sneaky leaks.


You don't get your period during pregnancy but there are a lot of other fluids exiting your body. These keep you fresh and dry throughout your day so it's one less thing to worry about.


Whether it's a sneeze, cough, night out with the girls or discharge. These are perfect as a back up to give you extra reassurance from sneaky leaks. The Love Luna Midi Beige are perfect for when you want to wear lighter clothes.


We don't want to gross you out, but there's a fair bit of blood that will need to exit your bod post birth. You can still use these with maternity pads but they add that extra bit of support for leakages. A great idea to throw a pair in your hospital bag.



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